Friday, January 30, 2009

"My New Hairdo"

Today not only did I decide to get a haircut, I also decided I needed a whole new change so I wanted something different. As I was sitting on the chair, the lady that was going to cut my hair asked how short I wanted my hair. I went for the gusto and told her how about a little above the shoulder, that was about 4 inches she cut off. Wow! I said after I was done, my hair is really different. Guess what everyone, I really really like my new hairdo and I'm so excited. I haven't done something like this for such a long time. Here's a few pictures of my new do, are you ready? Are you sure, don't get scared now....Here we go....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday, Marissa!

Mommy and Daughter
Celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese's
Playing Video Games with Brother
Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Today we celebrate our baby girl's 10th birthday, it's hard to believe she turned 10 years old today. Marissa has brought so much joy into our lives, she's a blessing. She has become a very beautiful, sweet, and loveable girl. Her heart is full of compassion, kindness, love, joy, etc. and that is what makes her so beautiful within itself. The biggest joy of all, is that she has a big heart for the Lord and she makes sure everyone knows that. We are very thankful for her and her daddy and I are so proud to be her parents. She does her best in everything; school, sports, brownies, etc. and she is one to never give up. We look forward to celebrate more birthdays with her and look forward to what the Lord has in store for her.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Passing of Aunt Gloria

Today has been a tough and difficult day for my family, today we loss our beloved Gloria. She was a remarkable woman. We have lost an aunt, cousin, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, grandmother, sister, and sister-in-law. She was also a very loveable and stong woman. She lost her courageous battle after suffering two major brain aneurysms one in June/July 2007 and the second in May 2008. It had been a very long road for her and now she is resting in the precious arms of our dear Lord Jesus. I am very happy to say that last Sunday while I was in California I was able to go and see her and the best memory I'll have is the fact that I was able to say a little prayer for her and tell her that I loved her. I ask for everyones prayers as my family and I mourn her loss, please also pray for peace and strength. Most important pray that my family will see the hand of the Lord in this.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Day Trip to Prescott

The Kiddos
The Lovebirds
The Courthouse
The World War 1 Memorial Wall
A Christmas Light Display
On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and after a busy morning Christmas shopping, we decided to take off for the rest of the day for a long drive. Well, we ended up in Prescott. which is a beautiful city. We went into downtown, took a few pictures, browse the shops and bought some souvenirs. Before heading back, we stop by and checked out a Christmas light display and ended the night with dinner at Garcias Mexican Restaurant. With Dad working on the weekends, but having Thursdays and Fridays off we needed to take advantage of the time we had with him. It was nice having him home on Thanksgiving and Friday. Wow, two whole days spent with Dad was great and we definitely enjoyed our family time. Can't wait for Christmas and the next day to have two whole days with him having family time again.

A Day of Thanks.....

Thanksgiving at home-Part 1
Thanksgiving at the Huescas-Part 2
Relaxing after Thanksgiving dinner

Our Thanksgiving started at home first and ended with dinner and fellowship at the home of the Huesca Family, very dear friends of ours that also made the move from California to Arizona. The Lord answered my prayer, I prayed that if it was his will to have some close friends or family to move to Arizona also, than let his will be done. And, guess what, he brought the Huesca Family here to Arizona. I thank the Lord for this awesome family. We had a very blessed and relaxing time that night and we even managed to squeeze in time to play "Rockband" and guess what I even got to sing, don't worry I didn't break any windows with my singing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Grandpa's Birthday and My Mom's Birthday

Yesterday would of been my grandfather's 86th birthday. He went to be with the Lord on February 9th of this year. I miss him so much, but I know he's resting now up in heaven with no pain and no more suffering. These past two days have been hard for me because yesterday being his birthday and today my family in California were celebrating it and I couldn't be there. They were also celebrating my mom's birthday as well, today is her actual birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa Pete and Mom! I love you both!

Marissa's Book Report

Marissa has a book report due tomorrow......The book she read was called "Mare in the Meadow", it was about a horse named "Chamomile". Part of her book report was to make a character out of the book and it was to be made out of a shoe box, paper, or any other kind of material. Of course, she wanted to make "Chamomile", so on Wednesday night we as a family helped her make her character. Yes, we did a family project and we had a ball. Can't wait for the next one to come. Here are the pictures of the finished product: